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Chattanooga wedding photography is more than just someone who can aim a camera and click



Obviously, this factor is a must. You want to choose a photographer that is experienced, reliable, and reasonably priced. However, these things don’t really matter unless they capture the emotions of that day. A good Chattanooga wedding photography is more than just someone who can aim a camera and click. A good Chattanooga wedding photographer is able to interpret the events unfolding in front of them to create imagery that captures the story of those special moments.

Section: Choosing The Right Photography Style for Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding photography style is an important decision to make. There are many styles to choose from and each with their own benefits of why it might be the perfect choice for you. In this blog I will discuss the various styles of wedding photography and what makes them unique. Section: Wedding Photography Ideas for your Big Day

Section: What Makes a Great Wedding Photographer?

So, what makes a great wedding photographer? While as a society we don’t necessarily hold photography in as high regard as, say, physicians or surgeons, there still is considerable value in having expert photographers and videographers to record those memorable events in our lives. Whether your game is portraiture or landscape work, serving the Chattanooga area or somewhere else around the globe, you want to be a wedding photographer who stands out.

Section: Your Love Story

I have to admit, I’m a bit biased on this section. I love this story. It’s the love story of my sister and her husband. They are such a special couple and were married at their church in front of all their family and friends. In addition, I made the ring bearer pillow that Brett gave to Lauren during their wedding ceremony. Keeping with tradition they walked down the aisle while holding hands to the song “At Last”. This song meant a lot to them and they said it was one of the first songs they danced to while dating. The reception was at the Bell Tower on top of Lookout Mountain in TN where they live.

Section: A Pre-Wedding Consultation

During the pre-wedding consultation I will try to find out as much information as possible so that I can get to know you and your fiancé(e). Photography is really about people, not just pretty pictures. Your wedding photographs should reflect your personality. This will achieve better quality, more interesting and memorable photographs.

Section: Thinking Beyond the Wedding Day

Wedding days typically come with a lot of anxiety: who should stand where, what if it rains, what should the toast be about. I know these questions because some of them are my own. As your Chattanooga wedding photographer, I am trying to take as much pressure off you as possible. In this post, we will start off with some general thoughts on your wedding day and move forward from there.

Takeaway: There’s more than just wedding photography.

Chattanooga Weddings have always been a favorite subject of mine to photograph. Whether it’s the veil blowing softly in the wind, the bride letting fell tears of joy as she walks down the aisle, or seeing two families coming together in unity – it’s all so beautiful. [[But there is more than just wedding photography.]]

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