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Why PlayInABox and Donut SMP are best gaming servers for gamers?



For the game enthusiast who loves to play adventurous games and Minecraft is their favorite one then they should know about the  Minecraft survival servers. It is because, through these, it is possible to hone your skills and build the most effective fort in a survival mode. Minecraft offers a massively creative experience. So, one should use one of the servers offered on the official website to have an incredible gaming experience. If you have explored the list and looking for the best survival servers for Minecraft then you can pick PlayInABox and Donum SMP.

Now if you are wondering why these two make the best Minecraft survival servers then we have enlisted a few features and reasons. You can have a look over them.

Types Of Games

PlayInABox is known as the number one Minecraft server network that Minehut. There  a lot of fun games of premium quality available here. The graphics, color, and streaming everything is wonderful to give you an amazing game playing experience. A few games that are the choice of most people are Lifesteal SMP, Parkour & amp, mining server, and Box PVP.

In contrast to PlayInABox, Donus SMP is a hardcore Minecraft server and SMP through which you can enjoy the Bedrock &amp. It is one of the best  Minecraft survival servers that are ideal for experts. If you player dies  you will be banned for 2 days. So, players play through it with care to avoid such situations. One amazing part is that you can do killing, stealing, and grieving in the games to achieve the goals of earning money.

Server IP

The server IP address for PlayInABox is further details you can get by clicking on the server and fulfilling system requirements to run the game smoothly. The server for Donut SMP is  You can also get further information about using this server to have smooth game playtime.

Playing tactics on server

Thesebest Minecraft survival servers are easy to operate. To play a game you can follow the steps given below

● Click on play button after opening launcher.
● Select multiplayer and then add server
● Add the server link you need. for PlayInABox add a server link of it and for Donut SMP you can add its link to proceed to the next step.
● If the connection is available, the server will turn green and you can join it to play in a particular server that you have joined.

Supported Versions

For PlayInABox the supported version is Minecraft 1.18. you can also use the lower or older one to play on this server. For the Donut SMP, you need the same Minecraft version that is 1.18.

Location Of Server Hosting

The PlayInABox and Donut SMP are the great  Minecraft survival server with great speed and are hosted in the USA.

Game modes Supported

The game modes supported in these two Minecraft survival servers include creative, Towny, survival, Parkour, and SMP. These are for PlayInABox. For Donut SMP, these are Hardcore, Survival, SMP, Vanilla, and Anarchy.

Final verdict

Minecraft survival servers are known as the best server because these are fast and stable. Thus, if you want to enjoy your favorite Minecraft then you can use the PlayInABox or Donut SMP with confidence. It is because they offer the memory, storage, and processing capabilities to play games smoothly.

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Mobile Legends Lesley Game – Latest Guide




Mobile Legends requires no intro, as it is currently one of the most popular games on the smartphone market. Because the game is so difficult and difficult, you must be familiar with each character’s build and abilities in order to succeed.

Lesley is an example of a character who excels at dealing with burst attacks and can also dip down enemies from afar. Aside from that, the character is a one-of-a-kind marksman, which, when combined with excellent positioning, results in epic gameplay. Today, we’ll go over Lesley’s character in Mobile Legends, as well as the best build and emblem.

Lesley Best Build and Emblem

Lesley has two cooldown skills that help her to farm effectively and join team fights in the middle of them. The character has great abilities that allow him to easily control the game field by securing skills on escaping enemies.

Lesley Character Story:

Few people read the character’s backstory, which discourages them from using the character’s true power and potential to win the game. Lesley was living with her father in the Vance household, where her father was the security guard of the noble family. Lesley got her father’s weapon and fought with the rival family after her father was killed during an attack by a rival family. Lesley was crying while she fired bullets in revenge for her father’s death, which makes her a particularly emotional and effective gunfighter.

Mobile Legends Lesley Skill Combo

We advise players to start the fight with gaming bushes because they can easily deal with burst damage.

Use basic weapons first, then use Camo skills to build some distance. This restores your passive strength, allowing you to deal with greater damage.

Use basic skills using Lethal shot once more. Continue the cycle until the enemy’s health is low, then use the powerful attack to finish. You must preserve your grenade talents for when you are besieged by enemies later in the game.

Mobile Legends Lesley Pros and Cons


  • Very long range
  • Moderately high mobility
  • Easy to be played
  • Insane damage


  • No CC skills.
  • Vulnerability.
  • Item dependent.

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Build 2022

Character of Lesley is so amazing in the game that you can construct numerous variations of her build and still win. Here are three different types of builds that are most successful against opponents that you can create.

Lesley Basic Build 2022

This is a versatile that may be used in a variety of situations for best build for lesley. For the beginners, this is the best to start with.

Lesley 2022 Anti-Heal Build

This is an ultrafast build that won’t give your opponents enough time to heal. This build is extremely useful when you’re against characters with strong healing abilities.

Lesley One Shot Build 2022

Lesley is a powerful character with the ability to effortlessly finish minor adversaries in a single shot. This build will benefit you if you want to play quickly.

Mobile Legends Lesley Best Emblem 2022

While Lesley can be played as a smart assassin, she is at her best as a devastating marksman capable of annihilating any foe with a single shot.

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Important Things You Didn’t Know About Poker




Legitimate poker all over the place, no wrongdoing, Robin Hood, and the world’s biggest Wendy’s. PokerListings as of late went to Tbilisi/Georgia to follow the principal WSOP Circuit occasion in the South Caucasus and we found an entirely different world.

Factors to Consider About the Poker Games:

1) Poker – It’s Allowed!

Poker is totally legitimate in Georgia. You can play live, on the web, whatever, any place, at whatever point you need. The biggest web-based poker room is called Adjarabet, which was additionally the host of the WSOPC occasion.

With regards to quality, however, the Georgians actually make them get up to speed. The most concerning issue for live poker, as we were told by the coordinators, isn’t misleading or cheating yet “well disposed arrangement.”

The justification behind that being that the feeling of family union is so solid in the Georgians that they can’t beat it.

Assuming somebody is found conspiring, and we’re citing a representative here, they’re probably going to offer something like “I know it’s not permitted, yet how could I not delicately play this person? He knows my cousin.”

The WSOP came to the powerful games castle in Tbilisi like the popular platform

2) Casinos – the Dark Side

There are a lot of gambling clubs in Tbilisi and they even have online poker machines. Genuine ones, not the video poker ones that simply take your cash. You can play genuine rivals.

To keep individuals from creeping up behind you and taking a gander at your cards, they are shown face down and you can press a button to take a look. A piece like a virtual Blackjack vendor.

Live tables highlight $1/$2 cash games and up all over. The neighborhood cash is the Lari however gambling clubs acknowledge dollars.

Likewise, Georgia’s gambling clubs are the haziest on the planet – – in some measure away from the poker floor. Whenever I previously went in I quickly needed to eliminate my shades. Amazingly, I wasn’t wearing any.

All you see are a few glimmering hued lights and shadowy figures. Simply consider that metro burrow in Cloverfield.

Only one of numerous gambling clubs around.

3) Tbilisi – Defiance and Sulfur

The capital of Georgia has been obliterated multiple times across its set of experiences, making this one of the saddest city accounts anyplace. The incredible component of the Georgians then, at that point, is, clearly, that they generally return and rebuy.

The name Tbilisi signifies “underground aquifer.” There is a curiously sulfuric smelling region in the city and there’s an awesome public shower that is open day in and day out the entire year.

It’s suggestive of Tbilisi’s set of experiences. In the medieval times, every individual who needed to enter the city needed to scrub down first. I now and again wish the equivalent were valid for poker competitions at

Curiously, Tbilisi wasn’t hit exceptionally hard by the plague contrasted with the majority of Europe.

The shower house.

4) People – Only Human

The Georgian is open and cordial yet figures out how to conceal that very well behind a stony, crotchety indifferent appearance.

Once, I requested one from the club entryway watches for a light. He looked at me like he was pondering where to put the blade, removed a lighter from his pocket, gave it to me, grinned and said “keep it.” Such are the Georgians.

“A commonplace West Georgian.” – According to an East Georgian.

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Incomparable Minecraft server experience with UltimisMC





If you are looking for an adventurous game to play, then your first option should be Minecraft. Minecraft was released in 2011 by Mojang studio situated in Sweden. It is a three-dimensional video game in which the player has vast opportunity to show their creative skills by modifying and designing their world. It contains different objects and blocks which are mine to build various things. Minecraft is full of thrill and joy, which will never make you bored while playing it. Keeping in view its excessive early praises, developers has created many new editions of the game. Three active editions include Java, bedrock, and education edition. Minecraft reaches another level of fun when playing it with other people around the world or with your friends in the same world. It is possible by multiplayer mode in Minecraft. You can play with multiplayer mode with the help of different Minecraft servers.

Best Minecraft server:

Minecraft enables gamers to play with multiple players at the same time with the help of a server. These Minecraft servers connect different players to the same world by providing necessary data to the clients. If you want to try it and find it on the internet, then it will give you hundreds of options for the Minecraft server. But finding the best Minecraft server which will give you adventure and fun is not a big deal as I can tell you for sure ultimisMC is the best choice. The ultimisMC is the best Minecraft server, and its server type is java server.

UltimisMC server:

Along with the best Minecraft server, ultimisMC is also the best-cracked server in the world. As a cracked server, ultimisMC has many unique features, such as the players with this server can play offline and do not need any confirmation from the Mojang system when new players enter the game. It is also beneficial for those players who have not bought the game. If you want to play person versus person, BedWars, Survival, Skywars, parkour, Practice, Onebloc, or even hang out with friends ultimisMC is the best Minecraft server to use. It is situated in the united states of America and has the best and fast connection without any kind of interruption. It can be played on 1.17, 1.17.1,1.8, and 1.18, out of which its best work is on the 1.18 Minecraft version. Its uptime is 100% making it fully functional and running. Some of the additional features which play a role in making ultimisMC the best Minecraft server are; different events and gifts every week, Dynamic Moderators and powerful anti-cheats, and fresh survival designs.

Steps to join ultimisMc server:

To join ultimisMc first, you should have Minecraft installed on your computer. Then follow the steps:

  • Select the multiplayer from the menu.
  • It will open Minecraft multiplayer; there will be the option to add the server.
  • Copy the IP address and input it in the address box.
  • Hit the done button, and the connection will start to establish.
  • When the connection is established, it will turn green, and you can enjoy your game with the ultimisMC by clicking on the join server.


UltimisMC, with its unique and incomparable qualities, is considered the best Minecraft server. It has the best connection making the game run smooth like butter for the gamers. In return, ultimisMC becomes the gamers’ first choice.

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