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Five Interesting Recipes Of Guláš That Your Kids Will Truly Love




Interesting Fact About Guláš

Guláš is a Hungarian origin recipe prepared from beef and also made with lamb, veal, or pork. No matter what type of meat you are using, you should use the tougher cuts of meat, and when it becomes tender, you can serve it to your kids. Hence, the protein in nature meal is healthy and nutritious and helps kids to get strong muscles and immune systems.

You can prepare the stew with different variations. Make it yummy by adding carrots, peppers, parsnips, tomatoes, black pepper, garlic, and paprika. If you are looking for some interesting recipes regarding this Hungarian soup, we have listed a few. Therefore, you can prepare in just a few minutes and serve your kids and guests. We ensure you will get appreciation.

Szeged Guláš By Elk Magyar

It is a proven and classic recipe that people have made for many years. The Elk Magyar, a famous cook, has prepared and got admiration from the recipe viewers. The preparation time is of 2 hours and is made with pork meat: sauerkraut, sour cream, onions, sweet pepper, and salt. Thus, the blend of all these ingredients gives it a wonderful taste and makes it the best option to serve guests. You can bring variation by adding beef meat instead of pork.

Soy Sinai goulash           

Not in a  mood of meaty guláš? Then why not try vegetarian soy Sinai guláš. The soy recipe can be prepared in 90 minutes and is full of nutrients. You need soy meat cubes, tomato puree, sauerkraut, vegetable broth, onions, garlic clove, ground sweet peppers, and sour cream. When you prepare guláš with these ingredients, you will definitely get a different and yummilicious taste. So, be ready to serve your guest something unique and delicious soup.

Szeged Variation by Chef Ivan Vodochosky

All chefs have their own way of cooking, and they prepare the food in their own style. Thus, the taste gets different. Therefore, when viewers follow, they get a unique taste. Just like other chefs, Ivan also gave variations in the guláš recipe. The chef has prepared it with pork belly or shoulder meat and added vegetable broth, onion, sour cream, lard, ad sauerkraut. The blend of meat and vegetable flavour gives this recipe a templating taste. Serve it with boiled rice or take it with a spoon. Both styles are ideal for keeping in diners.

Spicy Segedin

If you love to eat spicy food, you can surely make guláš spicy too. Adding a few extra spices will give the meal a spicy touch. For this, you can add with pork, bacon, sour cream, beer, onion, garlic, tomato puree, black peppers, and hot peppers. The high caloric meal makes the perfect option to serve to guests and during get-togethers.

Vegetarian Guláš with Tempeh

One more vegetarian variation you can be prepper for your kids is the guláš with tempeh. If your kids love vegetables, then don’t forget to serve them this yummilicious meal. The non-meaty cuisine contains peeled tomatoes, sour cream, sauerkraut, smoked tempeh, cloves, red pepper, yellow pepper, salt, and plain flour. A healthy meal is high in calories and contains bundles of nutrients. Thus, you can make for your kids and let them have a wonderful dinner time.

Final Thoughts

Having guláš once a week at a dinner table will make dinner time amazing. You should try different recipes and bring variations in cuisine, so your kids start loving food. Perhaps, the meal is healthy and best for picky kids. Give your kids a surprise, and you will see they will be interested in food. Thus, they will be having fun while eating a meal and show a craving for this healthy Hungarian cuisine.

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