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Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Journey – How It Inspired Us



Lavell Crawford weight loss

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen a lot of inspiring weight-loss transformations recently, and American comedian Lavell Crawford weight loss journey definitely deserves to be placed among them. Before planning his weight loss surgery, he weighed an enormous 475 lbs or 215.4 kg. After losing 120 lbs or 54.4 kg, Crawford appears not only healthier but more fit!

The American comedian, actor, and social activist, who stands at the height of the metropolis, had an unhealthy life for over thirty years. He had to take in about 3,500 calories a day to merely maintain his weight of 475 pounds (over 3035 calories a day), which meant that he was morbidly obese.

His doctor prescribed him diet pills to reduce his excessive weight. But, he decided to change his lifestyle; instead, that’s why we are here with Lavell Crawford weight loss historic journey.

It’s no longer a secret. His fans are suddenly interested because they want to know how his weight loss came about? Is he following a specific workout and diet, or has he undergone surgery? Find out!

What Made Fans Aware Of Lavell Crawford Weight Loss?

Comedian Lavell Crawford who is famously known for playing Huell Babineaux in the Breaking Bad television series, took to stage at the 2016 Steve Harvey awards to present an award. However, fans were shocked to see him appear much thinner than usual before he did so. Apparently, during that time, he had already shed 55 pounds.

When Harvey saw Lavell, he was surprised at the acrobatic comedian’s new look. He walks up to him and hugs him surprisingly. After his hands touch both sides of Lavell’s back, they connect perfectly without any gaps between them! Talking about how he lost weight while given an award, Harvey reveals that it was all thanks to his diet.

Lavell talked about his growing up in Scarborough, playing basketball, and the importance of community. He mentioned that he had been down to Cracker Barrel several times. However, he hasn’t gone there too often since getting healthier.

He did a good thing by following this diet. But was this the only thing that caused him to lose weight? Let’s Find!

The Secrets About Lavell Crawford!

Lavell Crawford used more than just the Fat Burning Furnace Diet to lose weight. His gastric sleeve surgery and the fear that he would not be able to be with his family in the future also contributed.

As a result of his sister’s weight loss a few years ago, he felt more motivated to continue exercising. In a TV interview with DJ Vlad revealed that he removed half of his stomach in an after his surgery.

Nevertheless, Lavell didn’t want to spend the money on gym membership. That’s why he decided to lose weight through nothing but diet and martial arts (Brazilian Jiujitsu). Formerly a student of Legacy Brazilian Jujitsu Gym, he has also taught jujitsu at the Katana JiuJitsu Academy.

After the Lavell Crawford weight loss became a trend on social media and a debate among his fans, he said;

“I go to the gym, but as we get older, it gets harder and harder to keep our bodies in good health, especially after years of a punishing schedule or if you find yourself frequently on the road.

By ensuring I don’t neglect my needs for granted and giving myself some much-needed help by sharing the load with members of my team.

The funnyman who became successful in weight loss (Lavell Crawford weight loss) also added;

“Others trusted individuals who aid me in numerous ways such as dealing with customers or managing finances so that I can spend time doing what is most important – focusing on driving innovation and growth.

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